Label: Prometheus PCD 152
Date: 1957-1961
Time: 1:08:51
Tracks: 24
Bernard Herrmann anticipates "minimalism" with stark cues for brass, tympani. Endless flow of dramatic material highlights stunning TV album! A compilation of pieces such as Western Suite and the Indian Suite. Produced in 2003.

Almost mint condition used CD. CD from Belgium.

Price: $17.99

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  • Great album! Bernard Herrmann fashions ultimate "minimalist" scores mostly for CBS TV library use (not tailored for specific episodes). First volume features cues intended for variety of westerns: HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL includes pilot score (10:19); GUNSMOKE includes "The Tall Trapper" episode (9:24). Album also offers assorted cues grouped as "Western Suite"; "Indian Suite"; "Western Saga". With small ensembles, unique orchestration, Herrmann covers vast territory. Most suites scored solely for brass plus tympani, one uses woodwinds plus harp, one augments with strings. No shortage of colors, however - Herrmann takes small brass ensemble, expands it with variety of muted effects, playing techniques. TV fans will recognize myriad cues from other shows as varied as TWILIGHT ZONE, PERRY MASON, RAWHIDE - all part of vast CBS musical treasure chest assembled during 1950's by Lud Gluskin. Brief downward triplet figure on trumpet highlights intense, jagged HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL main theme, becomes important motif throughout episode score ("Three Bells to Perdido"). Subsequent cues display Herrmann's ability to create devices that anticipate popular "minimalist" style yet to come. Genius at work! Clean mono sound, beautifully assembled presentation, authoritative liner notes. Bullseye!

  • 1. Have Gun, Will Travel (Pilot) (10:19)

    Western Suite:
    2. Prelude (1:26)
    3. The Ambush (2:55)
    4. Tranquil Landscape (3:28)
    5. Dark Valley (2:15)
    6. The Meadows (3:21)
    7. Bad Man (1:53)
    8. Gunfight (1:34)
    9. Rain Clouds (2:58)
    10. Sun Clouds (1:24)

    Gunsmoke: "The Tall Trapper"
    11. Gunsmoke (9:24)

    The Indian Suite:
    12. Indian Ambush (3:28)
    13. Echo (1:11)
    14. Indian Signals (2:18)
    15. Indian Fight (2:10)

    Western Saga:
    16. Prelude (0:55)
    17. Street Music (1:44)
    18. Open Spaces (3:29)
    19. The Hunt (2:08)
    20. The Watching (3:09)
    21. The Canyons (2:23)
    22. Gunsmoke (1:55)
    23. Gunfight (1:15)
    24. Victory! (0:44)